Saturday, December 18, 2010

Take your time

Hmmm..something to ponder about..aku sangat admire Tan Sri Syed Al Bukhary and of course Tan Sri Halim Saad himself. Being a really kind hearted person, may Allah bless them and others who are also on the same path with them all. Semoga ramai lagi mampu jadi seperti mereka, and may Allah shows me the way to be like one of them. Amin. Credit goes to Afif Ali for posting this an eye opening video. May it aspires us to succeed and try our hardest to become a person who appreciates others in our own ways.

Kerana tak ramai mampu jadi seperti mereka. And to learn more about them, just google or maybe search on facebook and you'll find more interesting facts about them. How they fall and bounced back. I had the chance to be face to face with this fantastic man, Tan Sri Halim and I'll never forget all the good deeds you've done to me. Thanks again although you might not even know me, I am surely will never forget you. May Allay bless you. Amin..

Tan Sri Halim Saad
p/s:actually ramai lagi yang aku admire. Both of them are part of the people.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perception is dangerous.

A lot of things happened in the last few fantastic days. At first, my really main agenda of becoming the so called volunteer was to get some pocket money. Itu apa yang Mr. Saiful cakapla kan, but then unfortunately, of course lah volunteer wont get any payment for their jobs. Nama pun volunteer.~duh~ Oh, forgot to mention, I became one of the volunteer in the ABP debate. (Asian British Parliamentary Debate) Penat and serabut are the best two words to describe the whole program. But then honestly speaking, i learnt a lot of things here. A lot!

Maybe this was one of my first activities in UPM. Aku pun x pernah ada any experience in debate. Plus, I dont have that talent or maybe the commitment of becoming one. Tapi, to witness all the debaters from all over asia was damn cool. Some of them spoke like the bullet train tho they dont have one in their country. Seriously I cant even understand a single word or maybe it was just me.Haha..Penat because terpaksa kehulu kehilir and credit goes to Emi Mok and Nubli for letting me borrow their bikes. Serabut because somehow tho they are debaters and of course lah faham English kan. But then they turned out just to ignore or buat-buat xtau when we asked them to be quick and on time. No wonderlah some of them cakap we share the same culture. Being late is normal and bla3..Im not blaming them sebab of courselah aku pun selalu je lambat. Something must be done to improve this attitude kan?

After all, those experiences really do affect me. I learnt the communication skills, (sounds silly kan?but I AM SERIOUS) the hulk joke and the snow joke, how to handle people, and to deal with them. And mcm my entry before, the feeling of getting to know new people(I mean the other volunteers) is awesome dude! I mean from cakap mcm stranger and turn out boleh bersembang mcm bertahun kenal. Awesome kan??Seriously..awesome doe..I dont have even a single word to describe the awesomeness..Okay fine the word is awesomeness.

Oh, aku terlupa nak cakap, maybe a phrase or sentence la kot yang aku rasa best. Perception is dangerous. Renung-renungkan lah okay! And the reason of joining this debate thingy is actually to gain new experiences. Takkan nak spend the whole 4 years in UPM or degree dengan duduk dalam bilik, study and then kerja. Memang tak la kan. So after this if possible I'd like to join all the activities. And next on my list is to be a volunteer in NGO. AMAN Malaysia ke kan..something like that .I dont know..a lot out there, I just dont know the right person who can guide me actually.~ Sigh~