Sunday, April 3, 2011

‘To travel is better than to arrive‘

Some famous guy once said, To travel is better than to arrive. and I was like ‘What!?’ Well, because I used to think that there was only one path to take to where you wanna get to be in life. But if you choose that one path, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the others. I realized that it’s actually what happens along the way….that counts. The stumbles or the falls. The friendships. It’s the journey. Not the destination. You just gotta -I guess- trust the future will work itself out like it’s supposed to.”
-Moose (Adam G. Sevani)

Well this might comes from another movie you watched but for me those words really come with deep meaning. This quote was taken from a movie, if you like ever watched it. Step up 3. Okay I am so outdated here. Having a really dull weekend make me spend the whole day watching movies. From death race to i love you beth cooper and last on the list is of course the step up 3. ‘To travel is better than to arrive‘ is truly about the paths we take in our life.  Because sometimes or for me it is all the time the paths we take aren’t what we expected. But whether we like it or not it is something that we can never change. You might end up regretting for what you have done or maybe you might want to do it all over again. However, it's the knowledge we gain along the journey, the people we meet, the mistakes we make that  gets us to what we really want in our life. No point of regretting the past as the past is past tomorrow will be another day you have to face.

'The only real failure in life is the failure to try'. Life is all about making great decision and great decision comes with great responsibility. Because sometimes the path we take lead us to failure. No one becomes great without failure in his life.  And to get to the destiny is not something that is in a blink of an eye. Failure, obstacles, friendships, mistakes, victory and guts are all the ingredients that we'll learn to pick ourselves back up. Kadang-ladang kita terlalu takut dengan masa hadapan sehingga kita segan untuk mencuba, takut dengan masa hadapan sehingga kita lupa erti sebenar kehidupan. We often caught up thinking about what others may think about us. What makes life so precious?

It's the journey itself. Sweet memory, bitter, hardship. That is life. Not only the destination that count. What we gain and what we experience throughout the journey will determine who we will be in future.

Because to succeed you have to stop being ordinary and be legendary in your own way.

sekadar ingatan terhadap diri sendiri.=)